The Green Umbrella Campaign
for Family Planning

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Washington DC
March 25, 2001
Press Release

Stroll in front of the White House March 2001
Washington DC Executive Offices March 2001
Washington DC March 2001 - Love Those Umbrellas
Washington DC March 2001 - Motto above Senate hallway
Washington DC March 2001 - Umbrella Crew
Washington DC March 2001 - Umbrella Crew
Washington DC March 2001 - Washington Monument background
Photos by
Karen Gaia Pitts
and Todd Daniel
Atlanta Georgia
Georgia Population
& Sustainability


Earthday 2001
Georgia Population & Sustainability Coalition April, 2001
Halloween 2001
Earthday, 2001
Rocklin Calif.
April 28, 2001
ECOS Students
Sierra College
Our little family fits under the umbrella
Students near classrooms
Joe Medieros with students
Umbrella Composition

October 2, 2000
World Population
Awareness Week

Press Release

Interview in front of East steps, State Capitol
Talking to Julie Padilla at Green Party headquarters, downtown Sacramento
North Steps of Capitol - umbrella meeting place
Front of State Capitol - posing for WPAW
Walking in the rain in downtown Sacramento
Photos by
Ben Parks
and Michael Springer